The Surly ECR

Surly Bikes have been exceedingly generous in providing me with a Surly ECR to run amok in Colorado. It’s turning out to the perfect Search and Destroy recon. vehicle for the Highest Hundred. I’m anxiously awaiting the next weather window to take ‘er back on the road… or trail, singletrack, clearing in the woods, ice over lake – you get the idea. Hopefully this time for a nice long while. Below are some reviews and stories:

Surly ECR and the Surly 24-Pack Rack: Initial Impressions

Surly ECR and the Surly 24-Pack Rack: Enter The Mud Season

Thank you Surly!

2 Replies to “The Surly ECR”

  1. Hello Justin,

    I am wondering what made you decide to use the Ogre versus the ECR for conquering the highest hundred? I’m a prospective buyer of either an ECR, an Ogre or a Salsa Mukluk.

    1. It may have just boiled down to the amount of paved roads I had to ride – the ECR would have been quite a bit slower on those. There’s also problems with finding any replacement parts for those wheels – no bikeshop in > half the course would have a 29plus tire to buy (or even a 29 plus inner tube!)

      If you’re not racing, I think the ECR would be a funner bike to tour on. A lot more forgiving – seemed to be pretty popular, out there.

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